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Welcome to the United CDL Academy!

Are you looking to become a truck driver in the US and need professional CDL training? Our academy delivers top tier training at the best prices on the market. We are industry leaders and our focus is to help every student access state of the art training to help them pursue their dream career in the trucking industry.

Teaching the best commercial truck drivers of tomorrow

Our focus is to help every student learn the ins and outs of commercial trucking. This will give them the upper hand as they find a job within the industry. Each one of our classes are very comprehensive, and we will ensure that you learn the skills required to obtain the CDL you always wanted. On top of that, we offer practical truck driving, but also pre-trip inspection training, route planning and map reading assistance, as well as preventative maintenance classes too.

A true focus on safety

Here at the United CDL Academy it’s very important to ensure that every student learns how to stay safe on the road, while also protecting everyone around them. That’s why we place a lot of focus on safety, passing, parking and other crucial techniques. We ensure that every student masters all these skills, which will help bring in exceptional results all the time.

Work with some of the best instructors in the industry

The United CDL Academy has some of the top instructors in the industry, and we are always committed to delivering you the utmost value and quality. On top of that, we deliver comprehensive CDL training and no topic remains untouched. In addition, we have discounted prices and a variety of perks for all clients. We also have a convenient location, so it’s very easy to arrive to our academy and access our courses.

If you’re looking for the best CDL academy, then we are here to assist every step of the way. We are focused on delivering you the success and results you always wanted, while making sure you receive the necessary knowledge from the best educators. Contact us today if you need more information or want to enroll in one of our classes!

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