It’s never too late to start your career. The United CDL Training – CDL Academy is a great
Ny commercial driving school for students looking to enhance their career options. They
offer courses in a variety of areas, ranging from truck driving and light truck driver training,
heavy truck driver training, and bus driving.

Why to take CDL training ?

A Commercial Drivers License or CDL is one of the most important credentials in the work
force today. It’s a pre-requisite to driving any big rig, or 18 wheeler on the interstate
highways. It’s an essential part of the work force, because it gives drivers access to a great
number of opportunities in trucking.

Why CDL training is Important?

The United CDL Training – CDL Academy helps people attain their goals of attaining a
career or just exploring the possibilities. The program helps train people the skills necessary
to be competing on the job market. With the help of this training program, you can learn
important skills that are very useful when looking for a job in this field. You will be able to get
your own CDL and build a long-lasting career that will help you accomplish your goals and

Why choose United CDL Training?

Among other reasons, their Big Apple studio school functions as a one-stop training center
that provides students with the training and credentials they need to excel in the trucking and
transportation industry.

“Our goal is to help every student get on a career path with a good company that will be
reliable for years to come,” says General Manager James Baker. “We’ve helped many
individuals accomplish this and we’re confident that we can help you too.

Our trucking school features:

Driving Training. The driving training team works to make sure that each student has the
skills required for a career in transportation. Students on this team help students pass the
state knowledge exam, practice driving maneuvers, and prepare for their road test. Students
also get to use state-of-the-art computer simulators to learn more about carrier safety, such
as how to handle dangerous situations safely and efficiently.

Before & After Class. The Big Apple studio school has a pool of student drivers that they
can assign to before and after school classes. These students help out other students as
well as instructors, bring refreshments, use their own vehicles for spare parts, and perform
other tasks.

Loaner Cars. The school also has a pool of vehicles that they assign to students so that
they can learn to operate large vehicles safely without taking any risks. Students take these vehicles out in the daytime and test their skills on familiar roads. At the end of the day, the
instructor will check out the student’s skill under real-life conditions.

Types of our training:

Heavy & Light Truck Driver Training

The Ny commercial driving school offers heavy and light truck driver training. They have a
wide variety of trailers and a variety of vehicles at their disposal in order to prepare students
for the rigors of a career. They have a large, fully equipped training center with state-of-the-
art equipment and have the ability to train students from the comfort of their own homes.

Basics of Truck Maintenance

The school wants their students to be prepared for whatever they may face on the road.
Thus, they offer mechanics classes so that the students can learn how to perform
maintenance on their own vehicles.

Legal Formalities for Truck Driving Training

The school also help their students get a job in the transportation industry. However, they
are also aware that one can’t just start driving a truck right away. That’s why they offer legal
training as well. This includes such topics as knowing and obeying traffic laws and
understanding what is required of a safe driver.


United CDL Training is CDL Academy offers quality trucking education and training at an
affordable cost. This training is perfect for both beginner and experienced drivers who want
to be more safe, secure, and profitable.

Take advantage of all the training programs the Ny commercial driving school has to offer,
the state-of-the-art facilities, and the convenient location offered by this school.